Our Services

Farmer’s Daughter Consulting offers clients a wide range of services in the areas of nutrition communication and marketing, nutrition education, research, training, recipe development, and recipe photography, as well as spokesperson services.

We can help your team engage consumers and ensure regulatory compliance. We can also deliver compelling presentations. Just let us know what you’d like to achieve, and we’ll help you reach your goals!

Engaging Consumers

What messages will best resonate with your consumers? We’ll do the research to determine which food and nutrition trends will motivate consumers to use your products. We’ll then develop copy— including recipe head notes, Twitter posts, blogs, or e-newsletter articles—that will motivate consumers to integrate your product or service into their lifestyle.

Need new recipes that meet the needs of today’s busy consumers? We can develop recipes, provide nutrition data, and even do custom recipe photography for print and/or online use.

We also offer a recipe collection curation service to ensure you’re offering consumers recipes that are relevant to today’s trends and lifestyles.

Services: Research, trend analysis, copy writing, recipe development, recipe nutrition analysis, recipe photography, recipe collection curation service

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Is your company ensuring that all marketing copy, including messages on packaging, POS materials, and your website meet federal guidelines for nutrition information? We can help, by either doing an audit of existing copy or helping develop new copy that ensures all of your nutrition and health claims are truthful and not misleading.

Services: Nutrition and health copy and claim review, nutrition and health copy and claim development

Delivering Compelling Presentations

Do you have messages that would best be delivered by a lively, engaging expert spokesperson? One of our core strengths is developing and delivering compelling presentations for professional audiences as well as consumers. We can do in-person presentations or we can do webinars. Contact us for more information about potential topics.

Services: PowerPoint presentation development and delivery, in-person or online training courses